milk and honey

he stays quiet, hidden by the shadows of her garden

and he watches this woman, this gorgeous goddess

peach and pink and petal soft in her unabashed nakedness

as she dances to welcome the new day

he stares transfixed

as she smears golden honey on her smooth bare skin

amber droplets clinging and glistening in the sunlight

he stifles the small animal noises that come unbidden

as she lowers herself in a bath of cool milk

he thinks how strange, yet also luxurious and enticing

he wants to go to her, to be nearer to her

yet he dares not disturb her or make his presence known

instead he whispers his words of want and worship to the wind

he is sure she will hear them when she is ready.


~Melanie Thomason






Filed under Poetry

4 responses to “milk and honey

  1. What a truly delicious poem. I love that you’re writing again.

  2. Very sweet poem! Es mi gusta!

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