softly silent



silently trumpet

the new moon

that crept in

softly and unseen as a

cat on padded feet


~Melanie Thomason






Filed under 25 Words or Less, micropoetry, Poetry, shadorma

12 responses to “softly silent

  1. oh my, you’ve captured such a lovely moment

  2. nokindofmagic

    There’s something about daffodils. I have always found them both beautiful and a bit dusturbing. Is it the shape, colour, I don’t know. Or maybe it is this feature you captured in this piece. Silent, softly, unseen… it actually made me feel a bit uneasy. As if there was a secret agrement between daffodils and cats (predators? :-)). One attracts attention and lures, hypnotises, while the other slowly circles around tou in the tall grass. Well, to be honest the whole world is against us (or I should say laughs at our delusions of being in control of anything) if even the new moon creeps in without a warning sign…

    A few lines, a lot of thoughts. That’s what I love.

  3. OMG it let me write n this one.

  4. mislucja

    Wow .. I love this ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. daffodils silently trumpet…. love that, so apt

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