neither forgiven nor forgotten

Image from Pixabay

Image from Pixabay


I do not believe I’m stronger for what I’ve gone through

I do not believe that pain and suffering build character

I know that I innately had character

and I know that I was strong to have survived

I’ve neither forgiven nor forgotten

that just doesn’t work for me

forgiveness has to be earned

and to forget would be stupid

don’t try to tell me otherwise

I don’t know if time really heals

I’m still waiting on that

but I can tell you that distance helps

as does cutting toxic people from your life

I’m still strong and I am a good person

in spite of, not because of them

and though I have moved on

and tried to bury my past

my ghosts are still breathing

~Melanie Thomason


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17 responses to “neither forgiven nor forgotten

  1. This is so fabulous! You have covered all of the things that matter. It’s wonderful.

  2. Reblogged this on Rethinking Life and commented:
    This poem is so wonderful. She tells it like it is. Her truth lights up the page.

  3. Melanie this is lovely in a way I cannot describe

  4. Very beautiful… I can relate to your feelings, Melanie. With one exception, though: I have forgiven. Not forgotten, just forgiven. And it’s a wonderful feeling, truly liberating.

  5. There seems to be much pain

  6. Wow this is so true time does heal space does it so does I think that had been a lot of my healing when I cut off the toxic people. Well written Melanie. I love your writing. Hope you’re feeling better. 💟💕

  7. HermitCrab

    Nice, it breathes vivacity.

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