breathe in

the sweet spring air

relax beneath the clouds

bask in the warmth of the sun

let the fertile earth’s energy flow into you

while you recline on her blanket of green

listen as she murmurs through the trees that shade you

let the tendrils of doubt and self-loathing that choke and restrict you wither and die

as the pure poetry of nature soothes your soul

and flowers of peace blossom

leave her sanctuary happy and revitalized

~Melanie Thomason



Filed under Poetry

3 responses to “breathe

  1. Wow this is beautiful! Breathing is such a wonderful thing, deep breaths. 😀

  2. So beautiful. Relaxing, healing and organic…one with the earth. Just lovely and so peaceful. ❤

  3. Very nice! You are in a jolly mood!

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