Not really…


she collects her thoughts

to stow them away

in the bottom desk drawer

along with her individuality

and her creativity

she has no use for them any longer

it doesn’t pay to think here

no one wants to hear her opinions

now that she has resigned herself

to that reality

maybe she can fit in

maybe life here will be more bearable

as part of the herd



~Melanie Thomason








Filed under Poetry

7 responses to “Not really…

  1. OMG I have goosebumps that’s so horrible…to become part of the “herd.” Really Melanie…this was like a knife to the heart!!! 1984 all over again. Or the Yellow Wallpaper. Shocking poem…the hopelessness and the defeat! Poem should come with a warning: READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. Amazing. Powerful. Wow!

  2. Don’t all girls throw things in that bottom drawer at times? That’s what we’re taught, and I agree, we need to stop!

  3. Reblogged this on Rethinking Life and commented:
    Terrifying poem. Melanie is a wonderful poet and her word always force me to FEEL. I love that about her work.

  4. Don’t ever throw creativity away though it’s tempting! I think WP can be a tough crowd at times so I don’t get out there much! I love This! 💜

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