and though the sun has gone

the night has not

fallen darkly

the stones beneath my feet

still radiate the warmth

they absorbed

from its bright rays






while your loves left

too soon

their love still shines

through you

its radiance bursts forth

in watercolored hues

and those lucky enough to see it,

are better for it


~Melanie Thomason

(This is dedicated to a wonderful friend. She should know this is for her.)




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17 responses to “July

  1. I like the idea of someone’s love and warmth still lasting.

  2. I feel the same way! I see this too sweet Melanie! I wish I could write like you do! ❤

  3. So touching and beautiful Melanie. Your words are magic and the world is better for having them.

  4. Beautiful! What a gift! Your friends radiance is brilliantly illuminated through the power of your writing.

  5. Reblogged this on Rethinking Life and commented:
    I just love this beautiful poem from Melanie. She’s an amazing poet.

  6. Kaushika

    Beautifully penned. I absolutely loved reading this as well as the others. You are a gifted writer.Have a look at my page as well,would love to hear your views. cheers! 🙂

    • I’m so very grateful that you read 26 of my poems in the space of 2 minutes and were able to read, comprehend and appreciate them.

      This seems to me, to be a blatant attempt to gather likes and comments on your own page. IF that is the case, this is the wrong approach.

      • Kaushika

        Dear Melanie you are mistaken, for I usually tend to read a hand full of posts,gather my thoughts and only then hit the like button,in the end. Forgive me for appreciating good poetry, for I had no such vain intentions. P.s, this is not “a blatant attempt to gather likes and comments” on my own page but, an amateur seeking guidance from an established poet such as you.

        • Well, I sincerely apologize. I could offer reasons that i jumped to this conclusion but in the end they do not matter. I shouldn’t have answered you while in such a horrid mood.

          • Kaushika

            There was no need for that,I really appreciate the nice gesture though. This very gesture of yours shows a lot about your character. 🙂 I tend to look up to those like you. All I wanted was an opinion from you. It would only help me improve my writing and hopefully achieve what you have today. 🙂

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