In need of your truth

my soul, once more depleted

becomes anemic


In need of your love

my blood runs unaereated

growing anemic


You are my weakness

my heart, again defeated

I am anemic

~Melanie Thomason



Filed under haiku, Poetry

12 responses to “anemic

  1. I felt this as it reached for me. Great job.

  2. nokindofmagic

    I didn’t read your poems in the order you posted them in, so it was actually quite interesting to read this after the ‘fiber’. I know it’s against all rules (are there any?), but I just created this cause and effect thing and suddenly these two poems became related. The fiber, much more descriptive, confrontational and then anemic, tired, frugal and fighting for nothing more than a breath and a blink of the eye.

    I have to share it.

  3. your poems are life and death, physical, fiber, blood, heart. Intense and powerful but I feel something behind them, anger, rage, an attitude of TRY ME, Come get some, there’s so much strength behind your words…you are daring others to cross the line you have drawn in the sand but at the same time you cave to love.

  4. laurie27wsmith

    One way love can be a little like bloodletting Melanie.

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