tree goddess

her hair a mass of flowing branches

leaves and twigs woven together

create beautiful braids

that frame her face

jacaranda blossoms

are the flowers in her hair

and as she dances and plays

they leave a pretty purple path

will you follow her?

~Melanie Thomason



Filed under Poetry

12 responses to “tree goddess

  1. Beautiful and yes…I will. So sweet and lovely.

    • Thank you 🙂 The jacaranda trees in the yard are in bloom and I just love seeing the purple petals scattered about 🙂

      • I bet they look wonderful. Pictures please. I don’t think we have any of those, even at the Garden. Do they have a scent?

        • I will try to get some pics. The thing is the tree in our yard is very old and only blossoms way up high…so hard to get a decent picture to show off the loveliness…though they still drop plenty of their pretty purple petals 🙂

          The fragrance is very slight.

          Here is a picture from google images of some beautiful jacaranda trees in full bloom!

  2. laurie27wsmith

    Mother Nature??

  3. nokindofmagic

    Really enchanting… The kind of writing I’m incapable of, so I adore it even more (yes, I do have romantic side ;))

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