It sounds so noble,

So wonderful

Your grand proclamations

That you would walk through fire

For her.

Bold words…

But in action

You’ve proven

You wouldn’t risk the flame,

Endure the slight pain

of reaching through

A candle’s flicker

To reach her.


You couldn’t be bothered

to even blow it out.


~Melanie Thomason


Filed under Poetry

7 responses to “fire?

  1. Wow…saying it like it is. Better to know than to lie to oneself, that’s for sure. Talk is cheap as they say…you just proved that.

  2. Wow… You are not in a happy mood…

  3. nokindofmagic

    I really like how you travelled from an idea to a ‘microreality’, calling it a beautiful crash would be resorting to the most abused phrase ever, but I just can’t help it.

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