the moon is hiding

the moon is hiding 

out of sight

a glittering field of diamonds

light my way

though I’ve never minded the night

no more evil exists in it than does the day


there is a certain silence at 3 am 

it surrounds me, as does the dark

isolating yet comforting

because the silence

and the darkness

force me

to open both eyes and ears

forces me to see

forces me to hear

and with that,

the night

protects me


~Melanie Thomason






Filed under Poetry

11 responses to “the moon is hiding

  1. zacharybinks19

    Really like this! “there is a certain silence at 3am”

  2. laurie27wsmith

    It’s a great time to lie there and review one’s life to Melanie.

  3. this lovely poem flows effortlessly

  4. Beautiful poem…thanks for sharing!

  5. I love this. I can feel your senses opening…hearing becomes intense and you say it so beautifully. The words just fall into place. Happy Poetry Month to a fabulous poet.

  6. nokindofmagic

    Darkness indeed makes us see, or should I say feel more. And then the sun comes up to burn our conclusions…

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