she kissed away your tears

now her lips are wet

with salt and pain

Did she chase away your demons?

or are they dancing with her own?

I’m not sure how this will ever work

when you don’t hold the monopoly

on grief

she can comfort you

or comfort herself

but she isn’t strong enough

for both

and she really should

lay off the salt


~Melanie Thomason








Filed under Poetry

6 responses to “salt

  1. zacharybinks19

    Like that last line, reminds me of a friend…

  2. Love the ending:) The fact that she doesn’t know if her comfort worked is an interesting way to look at things. I also like the truth of the matter, that she “can’t comfort both.” Then she seems to decide that if it’s between him or herself…she better “lay off the salt.” Fabulous. Really enjoyed it.

  3. nokindofmagic

    I only clicked “like” cause there was no “love it” button. It felt as if I discovered your poetry again.

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