poignant, luscious


drip from my pen

onto paper

only to



as rain

on parched earth


* beautiful poetry and epic stories were here only moments ago I swear it! 🙂

~Melanie Thomason



Filed under Poetry

15 responses to “evaporate

  1. yeoldefoole

    I heard once Paul Simon took a notebook with him everywhere!

    Me, sometimes they come too fast and I just shout them into the voice memo app of my iPhone! 😉

  2. I love this. It’s so true and , “poignant,luscious words,” is so delicious.

  3. Soughik Kayzakian

    It sounds like what you experienced was a divine visitation. So out of this world, yet so real that you do want for humans to believe it. If it is of any substance, I really do! This is just the beginning………

  4. nokindofmagic

    Oh, how I missed your words, Melanie. I suffer from a horrible block lately, so your poetic incentive was much desired.

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