333 mark of the Midgetbeast

If you’re having one of those days

when things just won’t go your way

don’t despair, don’t fret my friend…it is just the Midgetbeast at play


nothing dreadful will happen and nothings really wrong

just bide your time and try to be strong

don’t worry, it never lasts for very long


The Midgetbeast is evil, but only half the going rate

he likes to play with alarm clocks, but he will not make you late

in fact, you’ll be an hour early, the Midgetbeast loves to make you wait


he will replace your coffee with 1/2 caff so you only get half a buzz

you may think this is no big deal but wait…there’s more, because

these are just some of the things that the Midgetbeast does


you see the Midgetbeast really is an annoying little twerp

he chews with his mouth open and you can bet with soup, he slurps

and he makes sure that your soda, of choice, produces extra burps


he will put bubble gum in your hair and sometimes on your shoes

he will fill up your toothpaste tube full of Elmer’s glue

and even worse, he’ll hide your bills till the day after they are due!


don’t make deals with the Midgetbeast, there always is a hitch

he cannot make you popular and he will not make you rich

you might get some loose change or maybe just a sandwich



so don’t trade your soul for promises that you will be a thousandaire

he may threaten to slash your tires but that is just to scare

remember he is only  half-evil,  so he’ll just let out a little air


~Melanie Thomason

with help from Brian Thomason who is knowledgeable in the ways of the Midgetbeast






Filed under Poetry

9 responses to “333 mark of the Midgetbeast

  1. No Midgetbeasts! This is so cute! I’m wondering what kind of deals one Would make! 😄😛

  2. Sounds like my ex husband. Mind games, deluxe style!

  3. laurie27wsmith

    Is this the same Midgetbeast that leads me into the path of fresh, wet doggie droppings? I was just wondering.

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