Spectrum: Watercolored Words- book debut!

So I’ve finally done it… I published a small collection of poetry.  😀 YAY!!

 I have to admit I’m a bit anxious as well as extremely excited!

Spectrum cover











If you are so inclined you may purchase a copy as follows:

Print version available directly from createspace

CreateSpace - An Amazon Companyhttps://www.createspace.com/5187100

or on Amazon

Spectrum: Watercolored Words Paperback


It is also available as an e-book

 Spectrum Kindle Edition

The above are the US Kindle store links…other links available for other areas…let me know if you have problems locating.

Thank you in advance to any who choose to check it out.  Your feedback would be much appreciated 🙂



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36 responses to “Spectrum: Watercolored Words- book debut!

  1. Congratulations!!! May I re-blog this? Huge hugs, smiles, and blessings.

  2. Brian

    I’m so happy and proud! I know it was a lot of work and long overdue.

  3. Congratulations Melanie! It looks wonderful! (Was the artwork done by Gigi?) Thanks for all the work you did for Artists4Peace. Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year 🙂

    Best wishes,

  4. Heartafire

    Wonderful…sounds like a great book, very exciting.

  5. Fabulous! Congrats and looks divine! Happiest New Year!

  6. Reblogged this on Rethinking Life and commented:
    MELANIE’S POETRY BOOK IS ON SALE A OF RIGHT NOW! Book and Kindle, available. Check it out! So very exciting!!!

  7. I reblogged your post and I ordered the book:) Yay! and CONGRATULATIONS!!! ❤

  8. Soughik Kayzakian

    I wanted to be #1 to purchase your book. I just did it. It is such an honor and a special blessing to have your actual book in my possession. Everybody should have one displayed in your personal library.
    Congratulations! What a way to start your New Year.
    And thank you Brian for supporting Melanie wholeheartedly to achieve her dream. Now we can say ,”Behind every great woman, there is a great man”. Except that you are not behind her, but right by her side, hand-in-hand, walking with your head up!
    I love you both, much power to your union!

  9. Reblogged this on Busy Mind Thinking and commented:
    To support my wonderful friend Melanie, I hope you’ll visit her site and support her efforts! So much talent!

  10. beautiful, melanie. congrats to you on this wonderful accomplishment )

  11. yeoldefoole

    Just bought & downloaded to my kindle – I can hardly wait!

  12. congratulations – I am so excited for you – just purchased my kindle copy

  13. Congratulations. A Happy New Year to you and hope it goes well for you. 😀

  14. B.G. Bowers

    Congratulations, Melanie. I’m happy that you achieved your 2014 publishing goal. All the best for 2015!

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