Controversial Domestic Abuse Campaign

Controversial? Good! Maybe it will raise some needed awareness and spark discussion to bring about positive change.
My question: Why are people more upset to see a cartoon drawing with a black eye than a real life person?!

Ms. Contrarian

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5 responses to “Controversial Domestic Abuse Campaign

  1. laurie27wsmith

    I couldn’t get the movie to play Melanie but I’d seen something about it on morning TV. Perhaps a dose of real life abuse might have more impact.

  2. I didn’t respond right away. I was shocked that people would actually DISCUSS the fact that cartoon/imaginary characters were DRAWN as if they had been abused and actually be UPSET about those images because they cared about the characters and had “grown up” with them. I guess getting people to talk about domestic violence is the point but are they talking about domestic violence or is the discussion really about using the images of their favorite imaginary princess in this way? The video makes me think the latter is what this is all about.

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