common ground

Don’t talk to me of differences

Don’t talk to me of hate

Tear down your defences

it is time to communicate

If we get to know each other

we can find some common ground

teach our children to love one another

the change would be profound

war is not the answer

history can show us that

hate destroys us like a cancer

Peace and Love is where it’s at


~Melanie Blackwell





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19 responses to “common ground

  1. yeseventhistoowillpass

    I’m not much into Rap, in fact I don’t like it but you could do a Rap to the above words… Excellent

  2. I’ll bet it’s as you say.
    So nice poem.

  3. laurie27wsmith

    I’ve just finished looking at a series of photographs, you know the type, 20 best/worst/inspiring sort of thing. Well after reading the comments about some of the pics, one involved genocide in Turkey, another was of the last Jew in a town of 28,000 being shot in WW2, the Nuremberg rally. There were some uplifting ones too. I started reading the comments and people were bringing up so much hatred for whatever group was involved, going back a hundred years. The venom was unbelievable and they started slinging personal insults at each other. Blaming the person writing their response, ie: ‘When you started the war,’ ‘When you did this’ and so on. It doesn’t fill me with hope for the world at all. Keep the peace train going.

    • Oh, Laurie…I try NEVER to read comments on online news articles, You Tube, etc…everytime i do it makes me angry or sad or both. So much hate and ignorance.

      Peace Train, all the way! โ˜ฎ โค ๐Ÿ™‚

      • laurie27wsmith

        I won’t be reading them again, it’s like watching a train crash and not being able to do a damn thing about it. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  4. We all have hearts and blood flowing through us, below our skin. You would hope to find common ground among us. I wish for Peace and Love, too! Hugs, Robin

  5. Pretty much says it all. Instead of teaching peace, most teach prejudice or just parrot back to their children, the things they were conditioned to believe. If we did as you saidโ€ฆteach kids to communicate, to get to know each other and, most importantly, to find common ground. โ€ฆit really could change the world.

  6. This is great. Watching the news this evening was so upsetting; if only everyone lived by the sentiments you have expressed here.

  7. nokindofmagic

    I most certainly did not expect to see such a piece on your blog, Melanie. Which means you still have many, many secrets and talents to share ๐Ÿ™‚

    • ๐Ÿ™‚ Hey you! So happy to see you online.

      I’m sick and tired of all the hate, inequality and negativity…so instead of trying to “Fight” against it… I thought maybe if we can change people’s thinking we can override the negative with positive.


      • nokindofmagic

        Yes, maybe. As your mental twin brother I came to a similar conclusion lately. World is pretty much the same, but maybe with one thought at a time…

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