Thank you…

Please read this post from Gigi on our new venture. Other than her making ME sound like Wonder Woman, I completely agree!

Thank you all 🙂

Rethinking Life

artists4peace is up and running.  Melanie is sleep deprived and starting to think pajamas are street wear.  She’s been working so hard.  Her computer is probably longing for a rest and begging to be turned off, even for a few minutes.  I don’t know how she does it, but she keeps on going.

Being terrified of computers in general, I just give encouragement, apologize for not being able to help with the computer stuff, and generally collaborate on what we want to do.  We have started talking at the same time and I love that.  We are so excited about this project.  I love working with her.  It’s easy and fun.

What we are most excited about, however,  is YOU.  All of you have been so responsive…so willing to give…so willing to be part of  the artists4peace project, that we are touched and overwhelmed by your generosity and interest.  We…

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13 responses to “Thank you…

  1. Panamax are good street wear! I have photogrhic proof of me in panamas, sipping chai in Haridwar!nthey work!

  2. Well done to the both of you. 😀 Congratulations on a successful start to an exciting project. Yeehaw!

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