Artists 4 Peace Important Announcement


Hi All!

Thank you so much for all of your support and enthusiasm as we get this project underway.ย  We have been amazed at the response we have gotten already!ย  This has taken off more quickly than we could ever have imagined.ย  Because we are getting so much traffic and exposure we feel it imperative that we have a logo in place NOW, so we have decided to close submissions for logos at this time.ย  We have made a choice from the ones submitted so far and all other artwork, so generously supplied, will be posted as blog entries.

We sincerely regret any disappointment this causes and hope that everyone understands our decision and the need for it.

Thank you, again, for all of your submissions.

-Artists 4 Peace Administrators

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6 responses to “Artists 4 Peace Important Announcement

  1. Which logo did you choose?

  2. Done! Go to and you will see the logo on the blog!
    by the way, you found me-i found you on Twitter, and I found Artists 4 Peace as well

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