The fabulous Bianca was kind enough to add artwork to some of my micropoetry.  I hope you enjoy her creations and my words.


melanie_blackwell_micropoetry_collage_abuse micropoetry_by_melanie_blackwell_Lot'sWife micropoetry_by_melanie_blackwell-Change


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14 responses to “Micropoetry

  1. omtatjuan

    I like the second one….actually both!

  2. Lovely, they all look wonderful, it’s hard to pick a favourite!

  3. theindianmademoiselle

    It’s beautiful…….both the poetry and the artwork 🙂

  4. Fabulous and scary. Looks wonderful written that way.

  5. bgbowers

    Adding a backdrop to words certainly adds power. Great micro poetry, Melanie. 🙂

  6. Bianca di a wonderful job adding depth
    to these powerful micro poems, perfect pairings!

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