treasures? (Shadorma- 2 attempts)


Take 1

estate sale:

everything must go

priced to move

9 to 5

find your recycled treasures

their loss is your gain

© g.s.koch

Take 2

at first glance

the nude is the find

well placed


pirate’s trunk: gold and jewels

eye on wrong booty



~Melanie Blackwell




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13 responses to “treasures? (Shadorma- 2 attempts)

  1. Very well done that last one made me smile

  2. Very interesting writes…and fun too. I really loved reading them!

  3. LOL Take two…love it. How easily distracted on can be…looking at the wrong thing:)

  4. i have never seen the word booty in a poem before:) cute.

  5. Miranda Stone

    Oh my goodness, that last line made me snort with laughter! 😛

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