Reading Poetry

In honor of National Poetry Month I thought I’d reblog some thoughts on poetry.


Savor The Words

Hello, out there.  I just recently had a conversation with a friend about poetry.  She confessed to me she wasn’t a big fan and that while she liked some poets she just couldn’t get through a book of poetry.


Did you get that…my first Aha moment!  🙂

So I explained to her that  part of the problem was she was trying to read a collection of works as if it were a novel.  Each poem is a separate entity unto itself.  They are not meant to be read back to back….but to be savored, enjoyed one bite at a time, if you will.  This really seemed to make a lot of sense to her and I’m hoping by sharing this it might help someone else open up to poetry.

The other thing I hear from people is they don’t always get it… what does the author/poet…

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2 responses to “Reading Poetry

  1. Yeah. I think you are right. I am a “prose person”, if you can accept that term! I tried to read a book of poems by Blake and could not. It was much easier when I read individual poems – as individual pieces in their own right, which they are.

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