no amnesty

youth, like delicate petals,

crushed under boot

innocence lost

but something else took root

words and hands

left a lasting impression

being born

was her only transgression

though her trust and body

were both betrayed

in her heart

was born this crusade

to speak for those

who haven’t the choice

to see the truth

and give it voice

Hear this, predators:

whether stanger, “friend” or “family”

For your crimes

there will be no amnesty!

~Melanie Blackwell


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32 responses to “no amnesty

  1. So powerful. This is truly wonderful. I just can’t say enough about this poem Melanie. Right to the heart. I’m going to reblog. Thank you sweet one.

  2. Reblogged this on Rethinking Life and commented:
    This is a POWERFUL poem. Aimed at those who steal the life and innocence of children.

  3. M. Zane McClellan

    It’s difficult for me to “like” a poem like this when it’s filled with such darkness. I do appreciate it though, and thank you for sharing it. ~ Michael

  4. My “like” on this goes for the message at the end. Powerful, and needs to be taken heed of.

  5. Heartafire

    It is such a helpless feeling to know that so many little ones are at the mercy of these evil creatures…We must be diligent and aware.

  6. I know this one! I don’t share it much but when I read something like this well I really don’t know what to say, maybe one day I’ll write about it when I more brave!

  7. I came home one day to my house at the far end of the Dirt Rd., Hiana mountain with no neighbors to find the doors open and that I had been broken into. I entered the house holding a loaded 45, angry at the invasion but Un-afraid. Much of been stolen including a piggy bank that my daughter had worked all summer selling lemonade to fill with $155.
    All that I could deal with what broke my heart was that for several weeks before she went to bed my daughter would say to me will they come back daddy. They left her feeling unsafe in our own home. I later realized that I would rather lose the things they stole than shoot someone. I thank Grace for the fact that I learned this before being confronted with a situation where someone was in the building when I came home. If someone made her or any woman in my life feel unsafe in their own body it would be another test, one I don’t wish to face.

  8. Miranda Stone

    A powerful war cry, Melanie! And such a gritty and raw poem. I love the moving language you use here, and the rhythm and flow of the lines. Excellent writing.

  9. my dear Melanie, you will always have my support, we know there should be no amnesty because there is no true justice for a crime that lasts forever. Love and Hugs to you.

  10. There is anger, and hope

  11. This cuts to the heart of all I feel for the right of a child to be that innocence. The gravest of sins to hurt or maim the heart of a child. There never can be an amnesty on what is stolen from an innocent soul. In this world or the next someone answers for this. I am sure of it. And while there is breath in the body of those who seek to protect there is hope that fewer may suffer. A rallying call to be always watchful. x

  12. this is beyond powerful – I really cannot add more to what the above comments have stated. this is a brilliant piece – inspiring.

  13. We never forget the betrayal, the broken trust. We remember blaming ourselves. Then the hatred and shame that lay buried deep within our psyche, boils to the surface one day. It reminds us that the world we carved in order to survive, has abandoned us. We are left naked, stripped of everything we knew that had helped us cope. In this moment we realize we have never lived, but only survived by false pretenses.

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