fresh start

the antique sun

continues to shine

as I keep time

by counting

each beat of my heart

the wee faerie king

with a flutter 

of aureate wings

signals its time to depart

the halycon breeze


through the trees

promising us a fresh start

~Melanie Blackwell


Filed under Poetry

18 responses to “fresh start

  1. Oh, how lovely. I can fell it begin. Beautiful. “…the wee fairy king,” sigh…such fabulous words…promise of good things to come.

  2. Miranda Stone

    Enchanting. I particularly enjoyed the first stanza.

  3. Beautiful words, melanie, it gave me a painting in my head, i especially liked this part :”the wee faerie king

    with a flutter

    of aureate wings

    signals its time to depart”

  4. bgbowers

    “antique sun” – I love that image 🙂

  5. Great imagery! I love the word “wee” it is so endearing to see when you mention the Faerie King. It makes me love him all the more for it. Adorable and lovely!

  6. All of these are beautiful…such a lovely portrait of beginning anew

  7. Can you swoon for poetry? I think I just did!

  8. nokindofmagic

    Now that’s what I’ve been missing lately! There’s everything here, imagery, word choice, emotion and construction. I could feel antique sun waking up freckles on my nose. And everything slows down while we befriend one thought per heartbeat. Ah, fresh starts…

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