countless midnights


spent walking quietly 

in the darkness

enjoying the comforting solitude

the night affords

but this night



some thing prowls

shadows rustle

haunt and growl

nerves jangle

shivers careen down my spine


I run 


in the black

imagining a stampede

of horns and teeth

of maggots swarming beneath skin

some thing grabs hold



from my unwilling throat



I strain

I break in two

sins run red

mutiply my body into darkness

~Melanie Blackwell


Filed under Poetry

17 responses to “some-thing

  1. nokindofmagic

    So dark and terrifying. I’m not sure how I would handle it around 1am…

  2. I love this. Dark and scary but the undertone of sins running red bing it altogether in a perfect ending.

  3. Miranda Stone

    Quite a sinister and chilling poem here, Melanie!

  4. I like this stuff! Nice and dark. So very dark!

  5. oh Melanie those damn terrifying night demons,
    they are the worst aren’t they?

  6. bgbowers

    Love this poem – particularly that last line – “mutiply my body into darkness”

  7. There are only a few times in my life I have been that terrified. I can relate (should I say unfortunately?)! Totally chilling-awesome 😀

  8. Darkness seems to breed terror…unfortunately my nightmares as a child came from secrets I was forced to keep

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