a viable alternative?

animal testing


December 13, 2013 · 1:09 AM

12 responses to “a viable alternative?

  1. excellent… it does make sense!

  2. omtatjuan

    I wouldn’t protest… they destroyed my life… or at least changed it.

  3. Oh wow… I did not think of this one at all… Probably because pedophiles are humans, and animals are not?

  4. Is there a petition to sign? Brilliant idea. I don’t think it will matter that they don’t have a heartโ€ฆwe can still use them in the lab. After a nice day in the lab, I would put them in a special place with a lot of really big guys who hate people like them. Then we can close the door and walk away.

  5. bgbowers

    I LOVE this!

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