– vs +


I pollute my lungs

breathing in acrid black smoke

that billows from you

the stench of anger

lingers on my hair and clothes



spewing venemous hatred

no silver lining

antidote for your

cancerous toxicity


negative_rent negative-people-need-drama-stay-positive-quotes-pic-quote-pictures-saying

~Melanie Blackwell


Filed under haiku, Poetry

21 responses to “– vs +

  1. Focusing on the positive is a great life choice. Cheers, Brenda

  2. FANTASTIC!!!!!! The ONLY way to live if you want to be happy. What a fabulous post and wonderful advice. 🙂

  3. positivethinking13

    Love it! Awesome poem. Maybe we can pass out T-shirts to those toxic people that say TOXIC, then we can all avoid them, or hug them and tell them jokes until they laugh or explode…IDK, we might need to hold them down and tattoo TOXIC on their foreheads, some of them are pretty STUBBORN!

  4. YES! So true – wise words.

  5. Melanie, this is a powerful string of Haiku and with a message i couldn’t agree with more. time is too precious for TOXIC people!

    sending Love and Hugs to you, ty for all your well wishes!

  6. Yes, this definitely reminds me of someone! Great post!

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