my curse~ (for prompt 27 curse)

Image from Deviantart
Image from DeviantART
for that One who refuses to be named
and I know that not all that glitters is gold
and this knife certainly cuts both ways
tis but a scratch and I’m not dead yet
but I’m guilty as charged
of casting my pearls before swine
but when will love be mine?
in this world of black and white
and hate and lies
I’m painting the roses red with my tears of blood
down the rabbit hole
but this Alice can’t catch up to her elusive white
and me thinks there are no white knights
or prince charmings
and I’ll  forever be chasing rainbows 
in the dark
My curse is 
My gift is 
My love
—  ~Melanie Blackwell


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8 responses to “my curse~ (for prompt 27 curse)

  1. The last five lines are the perfect ending to a great poem. Wonderful.

  2. I love the phrasing. This is wonderful. 🙂

  3. Powerful, agonizing, aching beautifully done Melanie! I love the phrasing as well and those closing lines superb

  4. nokindofmagic

    There’s something distressing about this disillusioned ‘I know’, not to mention intoxicationg words of supposed wisdom.

    • It is distressing isn’t it and you are so right on with your comment of “supposed wisdom.” Thank you for reading and leaving such a thoughtful comment. Glad it could intoxicate momentarily 🙂

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