***I am dedicating this post to a dear friend of mine who I will refer to as S. K. (you know who you are).  You sent me an email and your closing line “With power and might to your pen and all your creations” was a much needed boost.  Love you 🙂



was born

into a family

where cruelty was norm

I wouldn’t have picked them

but I didn’t have a choice

I never did fit in at all

and I am glad that I did not

I suffered at their hands abuse of every form

 True evil lived in their eyes and in their hearts

I had to get away from them to find my voice

I fight now for the voiceless with my keyboard and my pen

~Melanie Blackwell

**Don’t remember the name of this form but it is ascending by one word each line…one to twelve.


Filed under Poetry

13 responses to “Voice

  1. So well done as a form. And a hopeful outcome from heartbreaking beginnings.x

  2. thank God you escaped into our arms

  3. xxoo You are a force for good and I’m so happy to be your friend:) Wonderful poem.

  4. I second all the comments above. You are truly an inspiration. 🙂

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  7. Paulette

    Heartbreaking. So glad you can use your pen to help erradicate and cleanse. I know it’s a process, just keep on keeping on and know you are loved by many people.

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