The brothers

The first time

it was around 3 in the morning

I was driving fast down River Road

River Rd was dark, long and particularly winding

I was relishing driving without being slowed

by the normally heavy traffic, meandering

had the windows rolled down to feel the wind as it blowed

had the stereo on with Dio’s Rainbow in the Dark blaring

it was a perfect

out of nowhere there were two boys

in the middle of the road

I slammed down hard and fast on the brakes

my tires screeching

In a split second decision I jerked the wheel to the right and ran off the road

in the passenger’s seat my friend was crying and screaming

What the hell happened?  Why did you do that?”

“I had to or I would have hit them!”

shakily scrambling out of the car

Hit who?”

“The boys…oh my gosh we have to make sure they are o.k.!”

What boys?!”

The boys that were now nowhere to be seen…

I looked all around on both side of the street

There was no sign of them…it was as if they were never there.

I can still see them clearly walking, holding hands.  A teenager and his baby brother.

“They were just in the middle of the road, it looked like a teenager and a little boy.”

I didn’t see anybody!   There is nobody here! Are you ok?”

“How could you not see them?

The older boy had on a bright orange poufy jacket…

that is what got my attention.”

Then where are they?…there is no one around!

“I don’t know…I don’t know”

Why would anyone be wearing a coat? It’s 100 degrees out here!

“I don’t know…I don’t know”

You are crazy!”

“Just get back in the car and I’ll bring you home.”

No way!  I’ll drive the rest of the way.”


The next time I saw the brothers in the middle of River Road I just kept driving.

~Melanie Blackwell


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17 responses to “The brothers

  1. Well, that is eerie. And I like eerie…

  2. I’m hearing the Twilight Zone theme

  3. I hope they find their way home. Life is full of strange happenings, you just were part of one of them. Great poem.

  4. That is so chilling. I would freak out if I saw something like that. Excellent write. 🙂

  5. laurie27wsmith

    Great stuff. It brings back a memory, I was driving to work in the rain one evening when a man, dressed in a hat and raincoat walked off the footpath pushing his bicycle walked right in front of me. I braked and drove right through him. You got it, nobody there.

  6. bgbowers

    An eerie tale. More please:)

  7. Miranda Stone

    Eerie is the perfect word to describe this one! Very well written!

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