Love (Vers Beaucoup)~ A Collaboration

This Vers Beaucoup* Poem is another collaboration between Bianca and I.
Stanzas 1 and 3, B.G. Bowers
Stanzas 2 and 4, Melanie Blackwell.

Dicentra formosa

Dicentra formosa

Spring flowers burst first with sunny thirst

We nursed our garden, love sprouting, never doubting

through seasonal pouting. Through summer heights and sultry nights

immune to fights, two hearts merged and our lives converged.

Flirtation and exploration regardless of location

provided warming sensation all through the Fall

never cause to brawl. We both did yearn to learn

to discern how to keep our love alive and make it thrive

Our hearts sang when Winter sprang, and marriage bells rang

we were ying and yang. Honey and moons and late afternoons

coffee and teaspoons, red conversations and blue revelations

in our garden of patience. No cloud too black to knock us off track.

Through the years we faced blackest fears and dried azure tears

holding one another near. White-hot pain fertilized a fleeting strain

yet our roots remain deep. Our love growing strong, because as we knew all along

we belong together. For all the right reasons, we have a love for all seasons.


© 2013 B.G. Bowers and Melanie Blackwell

*The Vers Beaucoup, a poem form created by Curt Mongold, which is French for “many rhymes”. Each stanza consists of four lines with a rhyming word scheme of:





Each rhyme can only use a MAXIMUM of three words. The fourth “a” rhyme carried over to the second line causes enjambment and creates a strong internal rhyming structure.


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15 responses to “Love (Vers Beaucoup)~ A Collaboration

  1. The Poetic Duo at their best. 🙂

  2. You two could publish a book of your collaborations. They are brilliant.

  3. I agree with Cubby, it would be a very inspirational, educational and fun thing to read 😀

  4. True.. the rhymes are very strong. Romantic, sweet and an enjoyable read. 🙂

  5. bgbowers

    As I said in my email, I love this line:
    “White-hot pain fertilized a fleeting strain”

  6. Wow…you two are rockin’ them out! Another excellent poem.

  7. Loved this! Winter was my fave part and this… Honey and moons and late afternoons oh gosh the goose bumps!

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