Yarn from howanxious

Yarn from howanxious

she sits

amoung the clutter

she knits

she sits

oblivious to your mutters

she knits

she sits 

making you a sweater

she knits

she sits 

creating a life that she’ll like better

she knits

~Melanie Blackwell

written  for  Right2Write Prompt 3: Yarn by http://howanxious.wordpress.com


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14 responses to “Yarn

  1. Reminds me of an old tongue twister, which ran something along the lines of: “She sits and knits among the peas, and as she sits she sees and knits” etc. Great fun at high speed.

  2. oh.. great.. simple words say everything that needs to be said..
    thanks for participating; know you are busy..

  3. omtatjuan

    Almost haiku-y of sorts! Very good!

  4. Something so sad but hopeful in your words.

  5. Soughik

    In other words, “What we focus on we empower”. But the story does not end there, What becomes empowered creates its own ripple effect further than one will ever know……So what life are you knitting for yourself? Do I see New York Times best seller novelist,? Oh well, you are the one who knits the blanks……………………………………………….

    Do I hear your agent calling? It is true, it is exactly what you knitted and the bands are already marching in………………

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