not yet carrion

feeding on me

whilst  I’m still alive

tearing chunks

of un-putrifying flesh

from bone

without courtesy

of  preliminary nibble

to check for vital stats

lacking the decency

of a vulture


through my belongings

laying claim

to that thing

you’ve always had your eye on

a life for sale

a la carte


~Melanie Blackwell


Filed under Poetry

17 responses to “not yet carrion

  1. omtatjuan

    Hey what about their friends and my personal friends… Crows. Their beaks cawing.

  2. Well this is intense that last line is shredding my heart into pieces. So next I ask are you OK?

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  4. The human kind are always worse. Birds don’t know any better.

  5. Yikes I have met these kinds of people!

    The new prompt is up Melanie if you are interested =)

  6. Better a vulture that preys on the dead than a hawk that preys on the living…er…possibly. I’m not fully awake yet so just ignore me.

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