Break Up (Lanterne)

Break Up (

Break Up (


heart and

brain at odds

with each other



~Melanie Blackwell

A type of poem that has one syllable in the first line, two syllables in the second line, three syllables in the third line, four syllables in the fourth line, and one syllable in the fifth line that related to the first word of the poem.
  • 5 line poem
  • each line has a specific number of syllables 
    line 1 = 1 syllable 
    line 2 = 2 syllables 
    line 3 = 3 syllables 
    line 4 = 4 syllables 
    line 5 = 1 syllable 
  • lines do not rhyme
  • poem is based on one sentence or idea 


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14 responses to “Break Up (Lanterne)

  1. I am in awe and gratitude for you, for showing me all these forms and I do enjoy as well reading how you swim through them.
    You depicted the topic perfectly in this one, so perfectly it is almost painful to read.

  2. I’m glad you give the rules for the different types of poem. It helps educate people like me who are unfamiliar with all of these different styles and gives me a greater appreciation for them. 🙂

  3. omtatjuan

    Wow… I’m impressed!

  4. Never knew all these rules and types of poems. And just think, you’re wonderful at all of them.

  5. a few words – perfect summation of what a hellish break up is – and a cool poetic form:) applause!

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  7. bgbowers

    Another great form discovered and another form executed perfectly. Love!

  8. I might have to try this form wow!

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