Departing Sun

her departing Son

left no forwarding address

her wounded heart cried

oh, departing Sun

of her please take no recess

 warmth and light provide

~Melanie Blackwell

written  for  Right2Write Prompt 1: Departing Sun by
(Dedicated to a dear friend (who knows who she is)…I know the years haven’t relieved the pain. Know that you are loved.)


Filed under Blogging Community, haiku, Poetry

8 responses to “Departing Sun

  1. Oh! Such a wonderful take on the prompt… I absolutely loved it.
    Thanks a lot for participating and for such a beautiful piece. 🙂

  2. Apart from being touching and well constructed it is also very clever. To move us and make us think at the same time is a rare talent

  3. Soughik

    Your words gently touched my heart, and your warmth brought the pieces together. Anticipation of the rising of the sun again. Hope, what an unshakeable force! You are the
    “violin” in the fiddler on the roof. I will never be too old not to want to be loved. You dared to express yours in spite of it all. I am for ever grateful to have been touched by the kind of music you weave on the air………………………………………..
    Be blessed eternally, my precious friend!

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