Oak (Acrostic)

Oh, lovely old oak

Always there for me

Keep your branches stretched

To welcome me when

Running, I reach you

Envelope me in your

Embrace true and safe

~Melanie Blackwell

Written  for acrostic practice #2 from http://thetypewriterpoet.com


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12 responses to “Oak (Acrostic)

  1. But watch out for the squirrels. They throw acorns at your head, as I’ve found out to my cost.

  2. Angel oak…all the oaks here are one trunk wonders.
    Lovely verse too.

    I have fun with acrostics too. My friend says I invented a repeating acrostic form I call… acrosTics – here is one:
    This one actually repeats two words. 🙂

  3. I also wrote a poem on the Angel Oak – it is spectacular

  4. Melanie you did wonderfully! leave off the comma’s next time they’re notused in acrostic but you made ths exactly to the instruction and filled it with marvelous creativity!

  5. Quite lovely and very creative. Nice work.

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