I’m white

Super white

This is not a statement of identity

This has nothing to do with Nationality

I’m not proudly proclaiming to be Caucasian

I’m stating a fact; I’m white

Like “blinded by the light” kinda white

As much as I love nature…the sun is not my friend

I burn

Not that cute,  becoming, pink flush I’ve seen on others

No, no not me…I burn

Red as a lobster, a creepy lobster with scalded, blistered flesh

I  know people who purposely get a sunburn that then turn quite nicely into a glowing tan

HA! Not me…

I’m white

I burn

I peel

Then guess what? White again!

“Wanna go to the beach?”

Sure…at night

or else pass the SPF 5000!


Filed under Poetry, Random Brain Babble

6 responses to “White

  1. I’m the exact opposite. First sign of sun and I go the colour of toast.

  2. mooggeek

    I remember last summer, two weeks of pain, itchiness and burn cream…not fun

  3. Yup, me too. Sometimes I look like a ghost in pictures. Although I do freckle if I stay in the sun long enough.

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