Blanket of Night



Staggering through the painful night

mile after weary mile

passing people in the dark

receiving nary a smile

All these things trapped inside my head

should they be expressed or left unsaid?

I stumble onward til everyone is out of sight

looking for answers but the black shroud permits no light

I yell, I scream, I cry, I shake

but still don’t know which decision to make

Here I stand longing for resolution

all I get is mind pollution

~Melanie ย  Blackwell


Filed under Poetry

10 responses to “Blanket of Night

  1. Hauntingly beautiful…

  2. You could always toss a coin…

  3. Soughik

    I’ve been there………… everything that ever made sense to me had been sucked out of my life. I was left with no mind, no strength, no visible ground to stand on. I had been hit with the unthinkable…….all I could feel was the power of that unknown darkness right at the belly of the hurricane, inhaling me further down having attached itself to every breath I exhaled. Every moment that ticked was the failing of my heartbeat, my life, my identity………..who does one turn to
    when there is not even a space to turn on? Did anyone even notice that I no longer was? Was there any purpose left to fight even for one more breath? And the distant memory of a sweet commitment to my own truth beyond its physical
    form took hold of my life force. A force unknown to the hurricane,
    a force mightier than the world of darkness, the force that had even allowed the hurricane to exist so that I could capture the essence of what had always been there waiting to be touched. Then I saw myself barely standing, with my arms cradling my broken life as a baby, surrendering it to the power of light to love and caress the newborne’s growth, to just be!

  4. “All these things trapped inside my head
    should they be expressed or left unsaid?…”
    this is often my dilemma…should I speak what I am feeling? I think it helps to get it out…by saying it out loud, it frees our being of it…and it unites us to others who feel the same but cannot find the words to express it–you are our poet! Recognition helps to dispel the myth of it all—for, in the end, we see we are not alone in the universe…just as you are never alone..for we writers, poets and beings offer you LIGHT and LOVE CRYSTALS..we are here for you…

  5. Hi Wordiful Melanie. Sums up modern life. Thank you for your great comment and liking my poems ‘ Waiting, The Brick Wall and Meteorite’. Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.

    • Thank you for reading, liking and commenting as well. Comments are always welcome! And you are most welcome, I enjoy visiting and reading the legacy you are leaving for your family ๐Ÿ™‚

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