Billie Holiday – Strange Fruit

Strange Fruit is one of the first Anti Racism Songs.

Funnily enough I was watching an old episode of Touched by an Angel (which is not normally something I watch but hey nothing was on…and who doesn’t love Della Reese) and the story line included a flashback to Billie Holiday and the first time she sang this song. I’m not recommending you watch this…just letting you know what made me think of this song… I had to go look it up and now I am sharing it with you.

If you have never heard Billie Holiday you should listen to a selection of her work as it doesn’t matter the genre of music you like she has a beautiful, haunting, captivating voice.
“Gloomy Sunday” is one I can listen to repeatedly. There are other versions but damn she speaks to me.


May 30, 2013 · 3:30 AM

8 responses to “Billie Holiday – Strange Fruit

  1. I totally remember that show, “Touched by an Angel.” I always thought the name of it was super creepy.

    And Billie Holiday was pure buttah.

  2. mooggeek

    This is probably the most expressive I’ve heard her sing. So perfect to express the anguish from something that was sadly commonplace at the time.

    …also you totally love Touched by an Angel…I’ve seen the DVDs you have hidden in your Highway to Heaven box-set.

    P.P.S *I* don’t love Della Reese. Her wanna-be Oracle/Mother Earth BS always came off as super-fake to me. But I liked it when they put the irish angel lady in a cab with Dr. Johnny Fever and Cliff Clavin to keep Kathy Lee Gifford from killing herself.

  3. I am a huge fan of Billie Holiday. I have her albums. I’ve read her autobiography, Lady Sings The Blues and also researched the song, Strange Fruit. This led to my writing a poem and an article. I will post them soon. I can’t listen to Strange Fruit without tears coming to my eyes. Billie Holiday was a brave, amazing woman.


  4. bgbowers

    Billie Holliday and Nina Simone – firm faves!

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