The Junky to her Addiction

Your flesh on my tongue, I do love to taste

not one drop of your blood dare I to waste.

My life, by your mere presence enlightened

my thoughts, my senses at once are heightened.

In you I find comfort, and all that is right

you are there in the day and also at night.

You are my salvation; you ease all my pain

in you I trust, in you my faith remains.

You are there for me in my darkest of hour

it is from you that I draw all of my power.

Some may doubt you, may miss you allure

but when my cup runs empty again I shall pour.

When I found you it was as if I had wakened from a dream

your dark, rich flavor mixed with a hint of cream.

~Melanie Blackwell

Coffee Worship Poster (4149)

* A little ode to Anne Bradstreet/ “The Author to Her Book”


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18 responses to “The Junky to her Addiction

  1. To paraphrase Frankenstein’s monster: “Coffee – gooord!” Speaking of which I need a top up.

  2. I share your decadent addiction – my keurig holds my lifeblood

  3. mooggeek

    Now THIS is poetry I get, hot or on ice!

  4. Melanie this is so charming I love it!

  5. Melanie…I have been addicted to coffee all of my life…so much so tha tat one time I lost my hair because I was drinking to much.
    However, I love this poem and I will drink a toast to you in the morning.

    • Oh my! I’ve never lost hair from drinking coffee and I’ve been drinking it my entire life. My parents put it in my bottle when i was a baby! (no lie…it was mostly milk and sugar but still what the heck were they thinking?!)

      Thank you for your compliment and the toast. That made me smile ๐Ÿ™‚

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  7. WOW great. My mother likes coffee too ….

  8. I love it. Your one true love…you can trust to be there for you always…perfect LOL:)

  9. bgbowers

    Lol – I start dreaming about my morning coffee before I go to bed at night ๐Ÿ™‚

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