Even as we met

I knew how it would end…

That first sweet kiss,


for I could taste the echo of goodbye.

I knew the horror roller coaster

I was getting on and still I took the ride.

Now I’m devastated

though prepared.

Love, it seems does not conquer all

and the joke, as usual, is on me.

I knew this could be my undoing

yet I strode happily to the gallows

on my own two feet.

Yes, I dreamt of you before we met

that I told…

what I left out was that you would be the death of me.

The knowing doesn’t make the pain any less.

But it couldn’t have been any other way.

After all, love is a four letter word.

~Melanie Blackwell


Filed under Poetry

10 responses to “Goodbye

  1. ‘Work’ – that’s another four letter word in my case. Something I avoid at all costs.

  2. Insightful, sensitive and lovely.

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  4. you have described how i feel – for me it has turned into regret. we do it to ourselves – we made the ultimate choice to walk down that road.

  5. Sigh….been there…..this was perfect!

  6. Every word precisely placed where it belonged. Perfection.

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